Tezi Gabunia was born in 1987 in Tbilisi, Georgia. In 2008, he Gained BA in Architecture. Since 2011, he has produced over 100 paintings and over 20 series of installations. Tezi Gabunia focouses on contemporary cultural issues and practices in various field of art. He Collaborates with two functionally different teams. Conceptual team works on concept development, studies and research. Technical teams provides communications, project coordination, annotations, artwork production and other kind of technical support. Tezi Gabunia is a co-founder and a key member of CopyPaste.

Tezi Gabunia calls his method Falsification, that is a reflection upon the basic features of the contemporary world - the absolute virtualization. Contemporary visual language studies provides handling and creation of mediums that itself originates a new generation of art. An artwork is a result of industrialized production, not creation. As the production process is completely industrialized, which makes massive production in a short time possible. This kind of attitude also abolishes artist a an original creator. Tezi Gabunia uses various mediums for producing and publishing his work. As the Internet is an important feature of contemporary lifestyle, Social networks, virtual dimension are one of the main mediums for the artist to exhibit his artwork.


Tezi Gabunia Collaborative Team

Gvanca Gabunia - Web Communications

Dato Koroshinadze - Researcher

Mariam Nadareishvili - Text Engineer

Nika Maisuradze - Concept Developer

Oto Shengelia - Painter technician, Researcher

Dato Tsanava - Concept Developer

Irena Popiashvili - Curator


Tezi Gabunia's brand and marketing communications strategy consulted with Ucha Urushadze



This short movie describes process of creation where co-workers are involved, as it has signs of team work, the video is an effort to practice Tezi Gabunia's main concept, which abolishes author as an original creator, so it also responds to post-modernistic death of the author.