CopyPaste project "MOULDING" 2015
The product MOULDING (Gypsum, 35X35X65-45X60X25) carries two main codes: of copying and randomness, of culture and nature, industry and individual. 
The following product is a result of industrialisation of the natural forms. In the end, primary form gains the signs, according to which it belongs to the class of casual objects (such as a cup, a spoon, a bottle and etc.)
An intriguing part of the product is that the cyber language appears in the human reality. The product includes two objects. The first one is a result of proceeding a tree with crop-copy-paste tools, With the second one, a broken rock, copy-paste tool was applied. The copying process of MOULDING is different from the copying triggered by Gutenberg (where the typing machine is considered as the first source of duplicate edition), where only industrial forms were eligible for massive edition.
As mentioned above, the second object is a broken rock. The following form is produced by a natural accident. So insertion of this kind of object into the iindustrialization emphasizes the conception of the following production. 
Fest I Nova G-15
Art Villa Garikula / არტ ვილა გარიყულა, Georgia
19th September - 19th October
Credits: David Koroshinadze, Davit Tsanava, Nika Maisuradze, Mariam Nadareishvili, Tezi Gabunia, Oto Shengelia, Ivane Ksnelashvili.