Put Your Head into Gallery is an interactive art project, which presents four different models of famous galleries’ rooms. The project also involves exhibitions of different artists in above-mentioned spaces: Saatchi Gallery (Tezi Gabunia), The Louvre (Rubens), Tate Modern (Hirst), Gagosian Gallery (Liechtenstein). Transportable feature of the models makes these galleries accessible for everyone. Moreover, anyone can look into gallery, take a photo and become an exhibit.

Put Your Head into Gallery emphasizes Tezi Gabunia’s one of the main concepts – falsification and Triggers a dialogue with hiper realistic issues. The project evolved in two stages. At the first event, under a concept of falsification, Tezi Gabunia presented his false exhibition at Saatchi Gallery. The second stage involved scaled copy of famous gallery rooms with exhibitions of different artist: The Louvre (Rubens), Tate Modern (Hirst), Gagosian Gallery (Liechtenstein). The main technical support used during the production of models is laser cutting technology. The materials used: PVC, plexiglass, wooden paper, two-component glue.

Credits: Concept: Tezi Gabunia, Ucha Urushadze, Nika Maisuradze, Dato Tsanava

Model: David Dolidze

Text: Mariam nadareishvili

Research: Dato Koroshinadze, Oto Shengelia

Photography: Andro Eradze, Saba Shengelia, Chipo Pelikano, Giorgi Machavariani, Ani Beridze.

Sponsorship: TBC BankIrena Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project

Curator: Irena Popiashvili Gvaberidze Window Project


Tel: +995599331157 or +19174026212

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